Wake Up Jon

by Friends of Jon Broom

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    All of the proceeds go straight into Jon's Fund at http://jonbroom.com/getwelljon/ which is only accessible by his immediate family.

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Jon Broom was in a motorcycle accident on September 5, 2009 and suffered a severe brain injury that resulted in a coma. He emerged from that coma on October 29, 2009. Since that day, he has been on a progressive journey to rehabilitation and recovery. The idea of Jon's song was to combine the love and encouragement from his friends and family with the desire to help his family get the support they need.

You can download the song for $1. You have the option to donate as much as you'd like on top of the purchase price. All of the proceeds go straight into Jon's Fund at jonbroom.com/getwelljon/ which is accessible only by his immediate family.

Jon is currently at Baylor Rehab, medically stable and able to speak a few words at a time.

Help spread the music and cause with your friends and family, on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

You can find Jon online at:

You can read more about this project at danielsjourney.com/jon



you were racing through the fields
we watched you
you were so fearless

you were talking with your friends
we laughed loud
enjoying the moment

Sometimes we try
and sometimes we fall down
get back up
get back up

Wake up Jon...
We know you can do it
Wake up Jon...

Wake up Jon...
the weather is gorgeous
Wake up Jon...

your son was in your arms
he kissed your face
Do you remember the feeling?

I know you will
get back to him soon
Don't give up


released 17 December 2009
Words and Music by Daniel Miller and Salim Nourallah
Produced and Engineered by Salim Nourallah and Rip Rowan

Daniel Miller: guitar and vocals
Salim Nourallah: guitars and vocals
Rip Rowan: piano, drums and percussion
John Lefler: guitars
Nycole Ray: vocals
Penny Kim: vocals

Cover artwork by Steven Ray
Cover photograph by Penny Kim
Site copywriting by Penny Kim


tags: pop rock pop Dallas



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